About Us

About Us - Our Story

Pamela N. Ravelo Founder and SEO of norigami

Co-Founder, CEO, Wife, Mom, Dog mama, and Curly Hair Entrepreneur. Pamela N. Ravelo is the heartbeat and hard work behind the Norigami's brand. Pamela N. Ravelo began Norigami out of her passion for real, high quality ingredients for a successful wash and go. 

When Pamela’s started her natural hair journey she found that the options of real non-toxic hair care products were very limited and those she found still had some synthetics components that she knew was better to avoid in our skin, so she began the research, she was very intrigued on how to formulate an exquisite 4-steps hydrating kit for wavy and curly hair care.

It’s Pamela’s joy to continue to provide costumers with innovative, creative and clean beauty products - hair care that promotes health and vitality instead of taking away from it.


Our Products - Real ingredients are better.

We use nature's most precious elements to make non-toxic Hair Care products that favor radiant curls, healthy hair, and a happy self. 

We consulted with leading experts in the beauty and wellness industries to create truly safe hair care products that deliver real, recognizable results.

Our products are made with organic ingredients that are obtained with the utmost care and attention. All our ingredients have been carefully selected to meet our quality standards and offer you the best results. 

Why Us:

Norigami was created to bring Real hair care products into the hands of curly-wavy hair people with the knowledge they need to improve their scalp health, live healthier, more fulfilled lives.

We're focused on the care and maintenance of hair and skin. Our products are formulated with real ingredients derived from nature for maximum purity and potency.

“Real ingredients for your curls.”