5 Tips for hydrated & define Waves & Curls

5 tips for hydrated and define waves, curls and coils

We all want to achieve hydrated and defined waves & curls, I'm right? That's why today we share we you 5 steps that will improve the overall look of your hair. Keep reading below:

1. Use a gentle Shampoo and apply only in your Scalp

This will help you start your routine with a clean scalp, Our low poo shampoo is perfect to gently cleanse without removing the natural oils of your hair because it doesn't have harsh sulfates.

Other shampoos will create that lovely lather you like but also suck out your hair’s natural oils making it really, really dry.

These natural oils don’t get to travel down the length of your hair because of the curl’s shape. Shampooing the length of the hair vigorously will reduce it to a haystack and of course we don't want that!

2. Use a Creamy, Moisturizing Conditioner to detangle.

Remember, if you have switched from your regular conditioners to our 4 steps hydrating kit, it's ideal to clarify your hair before using any of our products to get all the benefits of using our non-toxic 4 steps hydrating kit.

Having a creamy conditioner will give moisture and help you detangle and smooth down your hair during your wash day. It will condition your curls to leave them bouncy, shiny, and healthy. Our hydrating cream conditioner will help to maximize moisture by using a combination of rich emollients to nourish dry hair.


3. Weekly Deep condition your Hair.

This is one of THE MOST important tips. I strongly recommend you do this at least once a week, our curls and waves tend to be dry, so we need to provide extra condition to our hair. This is especially important when you’ve just started your curly hair journey since your curls need maximum hydration. It is also very important if you are focusing on growing curls.

Applying a deep conditioner every week will help you get soft and more manageable curls and waves. Our hydrating cream conditioner acts also as a deep conditioner, just leave it set for 5 to 10 minutes for hydrated curls for days!


4. Use a Leave-in Conditioner/Curl Cream to define your hair.

Our work is not done when we shampoo and condition our curls, our hair needs extra moisture to help you promote longer defined curls and control the frizz caused by the weather.

By applying a leave-in conditioner you will promote healthy and long-lasting defined curls for days, our hydrating frizz control cream will shape and define waves and curls without weighing down your hair and will help you control frizz, strengthens, and softens your hair.


5. Protect your Curls at Night

You’ve put in so much effort to get beautiful curls after washing and styling them. If you want to keep it that way, you need to protect your curls at night.

This step will help you retain definition and moisture. By using a bonnet or scarf of satin or silk you will prolongate the duration of your curls while protecting your hair from constant friction when you slip. This also will help you avoid breakage.

So start doing this – Make a ‘pineapple’ or a loose bun and cover it with a satin cap.