Very Curly Coily Hair

Very Curly / Coily Hair

Despite many misconceptions, this hair is usually very fine and fragile, it is usually fibrous and delicate in nature, it has a zigzag or “Z” pattern, it is very prone to breakage, so it requires gentle care. These curls are voluminous with a tighter circumference, like a pencil tip and when they are defined it looks like it has a lot of densely packed strands. 

The main challenges that coily hair women experience is a lack of definition, tangles, shrinkage, and breakage. You can rock your beautiful coils if you take the right steps for your hair health. Coily hair is dry by nature, it tends to break easily, so it is recommended that when cleaning the hair you use products that moisturize and hydrate the hair strand and also be able to gently detangle and avoid harsh chemicals as our Hydrating hair Bath shampoo and our Hydrating Cream Conditioner.


There is a misconception that this type of hair does not grow, but the reality is that this type of hair grows at the same speed as other hair textures, however, if it is not treated properly, it can tend to break very easily. The care should be gentle, try using a satin or silk pillowcase to protect your coils.

Well-hydrated hair is more flexible than dry hair, therefore, the key to keeping it healthy and shiny is good hydration, before washing apply a deep treatment and then remove with your sulfate-free shampoo, apply conditioner and carefully detangle to that the hair does not break, try to use products filled with natural oils that hydrate the strand. Use thicker styling gels and creams that help define the curl as our Hydrating Frizz Control Cream and for a more voluminous result our Hydrating Soft Hold Gelli.

Hair Types: 4A, 4B, 4C